The TS series is an advanced, fully-automatic vibration control system with turn-key installation.

Active isolation in six degrees of freedom, from 0.7 Hz to 100 Hz.
The TS features automatic height load adjustment which maintains height and level with an instrument loaded on top.

The TS series offers great performance in a compact, lightweight package. It is an extremely high value-added vibration control system

In the nano technology of 21st Century (i.e. advanced semiconductor representing the information related technology, life science related technologies such as gene therapy, atomic or molecular processing such as MEMS and engineering technology such as new material production), vibrations, noise, electro-magnetic fields, heat, humidity, disturbance and etc. will be inhibiting factors of the measuring environment.
In nano technology, to obtain a reliable result, an active-isolation is required in the low frequency range which are difficult to isolate with air tables.

The advanced active vibration isolation system "TS series" will support as the vibration isolation technology basis of the nano technology in the 21st century. It will contribute to the development of the present technology and measurement, creation and development of the unknown technology.